Welcome to Department of Economics

Economics B.A was started in 1932 by the saintly father Bonhoure S.J. Fr.S.Mudiappar was the principal. Others who served the department were fathers X.M.Adaikalam,J.Adisayam and Messrs.V.Thyagarajan and P.C.R Peter M.A.,L.T. After 17 years of dedicated service there was a turning point in the life of Professor P.C.R.Peter who resigned in 1944 to serve God. Mr.Bonaventure de Mel M.A was appointed in his place. Fr.K.A.Soosai S.J., joined the department in the year 1946. After a short break he came back in 1951. Rev.Fr.Mudiappar S.J left the college after two decades of service. Rev.Fr.Rayappar S.J became the head of the department and Rector for 4 years. He left the college in 1951. Rev.Fr.Soosai S.J became the principal in 1952.

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