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1923 St. Xavier's College was founded with 25 students in the intermediate class.
1925 The College became a First grade College of the Madras University - B.A. Mathematics and History were started.
1932 B.A. Economics was started - Strength of the College crossed 300.
1936 Xavier Block of the Xavier Hostel was built.
1948 Silver Jubilee of the College - Britto Hostel was built.
1955 The second floor of the main building was constructed. B.Sc. Chemistry was started.
1956 B.Sc.Physics was introduced - The Lebeau Auditorium and Library building were completed.
1957 B.Sc. Zoology was started.
1959 The most beautiful structure in the campus, The College Church, lending Gothic, Saracenic and Dravidian architechtures, was blessed.
1962 The College stadium was built.
1965 Additional block for Britto Hostel was built.
1966 The College came under the newly created Madurai Kamaraj University - The total strength rose to 1000.
1968 B.A. English Literature and B.A. Tamil Literature and B.Com were started.
1969 Two science blocks were constructed by adding extensions to the main building.
1970 B.Sc. Botany and M.Sc.Mathematics were started.
1971 The strength of the College crossed 2000. M.A. Tamil was started.
1975 The much delayed Golden Jubilee was celebrated modestly.
1981 The Department of Tamil became a Research Department.
1982 Entomology Research Unit was founded.
1983 M.Sc. Botany and M.Phil. Tamil were started.The College completed 60 years of fruitful service.
1984 Centre for Biodiversity and Biotechnology (CBB) was founded.
1985 The Department of Zoology became a Research Department.
1986 B.Sc. Computer Science and M.Phil. Mathematics and M.Phil. Zoology were started.
1987 The College became an Autonomous Institution. M.A. Folklore was started and the Folklore Resources and Research Centre (FRRC) was founded.
1988 M.Com. was started.
1990 The College was affliated to the newly created Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Nellai, and was the only men's college of the University that was autonomous.
1991 PGDCA course was started. University review committee visited the College for the extension of Autonomy.
1992 The Department of Folklore was recognized as a Researh Department.
1993 The Department of Botany became a Researh Department. STAND, the out-reach program was made integral to graduation. University review committee visited the College for the extension of autonomy.
1994 The Platinum Jubilee Block was completed. M.Sc. Computer Science was started.
1995 Campus Diversity Initiative programme was introduced. UGC review committee visited the College for the extension of Autonomy.
1996 Diversified Curriculum and B.Com. Vocationalization in Computer Applications were launched. Centre for Aquaculture Research and Extension (CARE) was founded.
1997 Platinum Tournaments were started.
1998 B.Sc. Computer Science and B.Com. evening courses were started. Platinum Jubilee was celebrated. Aquatic Biodiversity Centre was founded. Crop Protection Research Centre was founded. University review committee visited the (Mid-Term) College for the extension of Autonomy.
2000 The College was Nationally Assessed and Accredited with Five Stars by NAAC. MCA was started. Centre for Aquafeed and Nutrition (CAFeN) was founded.UGC Review Committee visited the College for the extension of Autonomy.
2001 Fr. K. A. Soosai Memorial Block was inaugurated. Library Automation was completed. Plant Molecular Biology Research Unit was founded.
2002 The U.G. Course in B. Sc. Botany was renamed as B.Sc.Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology. Choice based Credit System for UG was started. New Pavilion was erected in the stadium.450th Anniversary of the Patron was celebrated.Vocationalisation in Plant Biotechnology was launched.
2003 M.Sc. Chemistry and B.A. Tamil were started. Choice-based Credit System for PG courses was introduced. State review committee visited the College for granting extension. The Department of Maths became researsh department.
  1. 30 % of the seats in B.A. English, Economics, B.Sc. Zoology and Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology courses were offered for girls.
  2. UGC awarded the status of College with Potential for Excellence.
  1. The College was re-accredited at Grade A Level.
  2. Bar Coding System was introduced in the Library.
  3. B.B.A. and M.A. English Literature courses were started.
  4. The UGC review committee visited the College for the extension of Autonomy.
2007 M.Sc. Physics and M.Phil. PBBT were started.
  1. B.Com. Corporate Secretaryship and M.Phil Commerce were started.
  2. 30% of the seats were offered for girls in all UG aided courses.
  3. Arrupe Academy for Vocational Education (AAVE) was started to offer skill-based job oriented Diploma courses.
  4. Entrepreneurial Development and Research Centre (ED &RC) was founded.
  5. National Testing Service - Regional field unit was started.
  1. M.A. Social Work and B.Sc. Visual Communication were started.
  2. Dept of Computer Science is recognized as a research centre.
  3. Golden Jubilee of the Church is celebrated.
  4. St. Joseph's Pathology Lab was started the by Alumni Association.
  5. Cooperative Store was started.
2010 Physics and Commerce departments became research departments.
  1. M.A. Economics and B.A. English Literature (Additional Section, SF) were started.
  2. Chemistry and English departments were recognized as research departments.
  3. Mother Teresa Women's Hostel was inaugurated.
  1. NAAC Peer Team visited the college for the third cycle of Assessment and Accrediation.
  2. The College was reaccredited with a CGPA of 3.50 at "A" Grade valid from 10.03.2012.
  3. MBA Block was constructed and the course was started.
  4. Flood Lighting of Basket Ball and Volley Ball Courts was done.
  5. M.Phil Computer Science and B.Sc Mathematics (Additional Section, SF) were started.
  1. Autonomy review was conducted by the UGC and extension was granted.
  2. Crop Protection Research Centre (CPRC) was recognized by the M.S. University.
2014 DBT selected our college under Star College Scheme
2015 Centre for Women's Studies was established
2016 A new academic matrix with Schools and Centres of excellence was introduced.
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