Welcome to Department of Folklore

Folklore always remain as the aesthetic communication and as cultural products of
The human being. As Folkloristic is basically the study of human communication and performance covering such wider topics as oral, customary, material and performing traditions, scholars from different disciplines, nowadays, turn towards folklore for a clearer understanding of human life. If the word 'folklore' is mentioned anywhere in South India academics and scholars acquainted with Folklore and Culture will immediately think of St. Xavier's! College (Autonomous), Palayamkottai. It was in the year 1987, after getting the autonomous status, the St. Xavier's college, the only institution in the whole country, started postgraduate degree in Folkloristic as a multidisciplinary programme. It was also a Universities in the nation to start the interdisciplinary programmes in their respective departments of science and humanities, St. Xavier's College, came forward on its own and started a wonderful programme with MA in Folkloristic.

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