Rev. Dr. T. Sahayaraj, S.J., Director, STAND

Dear friends,


    Being the founder and director of STAND, I am extremely happy to greet all of you on this occasion of STAND’s Silver Jubilee celebration. I recall the days when we began this outreach programme in our college on 13th August, 1993. Those were the moments of joy and fulfilment for all of us. It was a joyous and happy moment that for the first time in the history of St. Xavier’s, a dream has come true. The dream of taking the fruits of university education to the villages; the dream of reaching out to the neighbours in and around the college so that the poor of the villages find their way to the college and they too can access the knowledge which was once forbidden to them due to many reasons. It was also a dream for the Jesuit management to expose our students to the realities of the villages and sensitise our students to grow as responsible citizens of the country; make them men and women of quality, men and women for others by involving them in the service-based activities to the villages around them; and thus was the birth of STAND (Students Training and Action for Neighbourhood Development).

      In the history of nearing 100 years of our college, this outreach unit has completed 25 years; one quarter of the life of the college. It is a proud moment for all of us Xaverian’s as well as our adopted villagers around our neighbourhood. Thousands of our students who went through this unique experience who are making tremendous impact as Xaverian’s all over the world can feel happy that this unit which once helped them to be close to the simple people is now celebrating its 25th year of its success filled journey. The present batch of students, staff and Management whole heartedly thank the Lord Almighty for the growth of STAND. Number of activities have been planned to celebrate the Jubilee meaningfully, taking into consideration the participation of the village community, students (present and past) and all of its stakeholders.

      I thank the management, staff and students, alumni, parents and past directors who have contributed to the growth and the development of STAND. May it continue to grow and help many more students in the days to come. I would like to appeal to the Alumni to write to us your memories and the experiences gained in the villages and how those moments help you in your present day work and life which can be published in the Souvenir.