Department of Botany

Programme specific outcome


The students who graduate in the field of botany will have a greater understanding of the plant kingdom in terms of its general characteristics, morphology, anatomy, developmental process of various tissues and organs, classification, life cycle, economic importance, evolutionary relationship, ecology, biochemistry, physiology, plant tissue culture, and recombinant DNA technology.


Post graduate students in the field of botany will have an in-depth knowledge on various aspects of the plant kingdom as mentioned in PSO1 so that they orient their research career in any specific area of plant kingdom. In addition, PG students will gain hands-on-experience to perform experiments and handle analytical instruments in relation to the application of botanical studies in food, agriculture, medicine, industry and environment.

Master of Philosophy

The M.Phil. Scholars will be guided to identify a research problem in diverse areas of plant sciences, devise a work plan and methodology to conduct scientific research projects, critically analyze and interpret the results, and communicate the results through dissertations and research publications.


The Ph.D. Scholars will understand the needfulness of research for the development of science and the welfare of the human race, gain hands-on experience of various techniques involved in conducting scientific research, learn to communicate the scientific results through research publications, news articles, magazines, books, documentaries and work forward for the lab-to-land transition of scientific research.

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