Department of Economics

Programme specific outcome


The stakeholders of this programme is expected to acquire the skill and knowledge in the following areas

  • Critical Thinking Skills: Students are expected to understand and appreciate the relevance of economics theories and relate it with the real world situations and are able to evaluate economic policies of the government.
  • Quantitative Reasoning Skills: Students are expected to understand and use different statistical tools, interpret statistical results and conduct appropriate statistical analysis of the data in hand.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Students are expected to be able to solve problems that have clear solutions and to address problems that do not have clear answers and explain conditions under which these solutions may be correct.
  • Communication Skills: Students are expected to communicate in written, oral and graphical form about specific issues and develop issue based arguments of the economy supported by evidence.


After completing this programme, the students will be able to acquire in-depth knowledge in several areas of economics regarding the utilization and allocation of resources such as land, labour, capital and entrepreneur. Students would be able to work both independently and as a team in complex and unpredictable situations requiring new solutions. Also students would be able to use theoretical and empirical methods to analyse economic problems and to plan and carry out a research project which involves the use of different statistical tools and methodologies.

It also enables students to be self employed and equip them to compete in the labour market including competitive examinations of both state and centre with professionalism and ethics.

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Head of the Department & Associate Professor
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