Department of Mathematics

About The Department

Teaching of Mathematics started right from the beginning of the College. The faculty consisted of only two members Mr.P. Dhanam, later to become a Jesuit and return to the department and Mr. S. Mahadeva Iyer. In 1933 Mr.A. Santiago joined the department. At the age of 35 Mr. Mahadeva Iyer passed away and his place was taken by Mr.P. Sudalaimuthu, an old student of St. Xavier's College. Mr.S. Mudiappan another old student also joined the Department in 1946.

Mr.A. Santiago was the first layman to occupy the position of HOD. With the introduction of P.U.C. in 1956, the number of students swelled and so also the intake of staff. When mr. Santiago retired, Mr. Sudalaimuthu was promoted in his place. However, due to his ill health, he voluntarily retired in 1969 and Prof. John Louis filled the vacancy. Mr. Maria Arul Inbaraj was appointed as lecturer in 1968.

In 1970, post graduate course in Mathematics was started and in 1986, M.Phil in Mathematics was started. Dr.K. Chandrasekara Rao was appointed as head of the P.G. department. He was succeeded by Prof. John Louis. Rev. Fr.A. Michael S.J. served the Department for a couple of years. Rev. Fr. S.M. Felix S.J also taught mathematics for nine years. Prof.John Louis retired with Ph.D Degree in 1989. He was succeeded by Mr.Maria Arul Inbaraj M.Sc., M.Phil, as the head. He retired in 2003.

He was succeeded by Mr. Liberty V.Rayan as head. The Department was upgraded as a Research centre in 2003.The Research department is actively engaged in research and producing Ph.D's. Mr. Liberty V.Rayan retired in May 2008. He was succeeded by Dr.A.P. Santhakumaran in June 2008. Dr. A.P. Santhakumaran retired in May 2012 and he was succeeded by Dr. S. Athisayanathan in June 2012. Dr. S. Athisayanathan shouldered the responsibility for five years (i.e.) till May 2017. From June 2017 Dr. S. Arul Raj is heading the Department. In June 2012, B.Sc. Mathematics in shift –2 was started and Rev. Dr. Arul Ravi was the coordinator of shift – 2 Mathematics department, till May 2016. From June 2016, Rev. Dr. Antonysamy S.J. is the coordinator of shift – 2 Mathematics department. In June 2017, M.Sc. Mathematics in shift – 2 was started.

For the benefit of students every year Mathematics Association arranges a series of lectures with experienced academicians outside class hours. Every year the Mathematics association also conducts a State level Quiz for Post graduate students.