Department of English

Programme specific outcome


  • Acquire knowledge of English grammar and develop accuracy in the use of English.
  • Understand the complex dynamics of literary genres.
  • Acquire the capability to interpret texts with critical, aesthetic, and ethical sensitivity.
  • Acquire the knowledge of the range of periods of English literature, its genres, and the critical traditions.
  • Develop a broad knowledge and understanding of the cultural contexts, and theoretical dimensions of the subject and the presentation of themes in the reading of texts.
  • Understand the literary, cultural and socio-historical contexts in which literature is written and read.
  • Develop an awareness of the depth and complexity of human existence, perceived across the boundaries of time, place, culture, race, ethnicity and gender.


  • Read literary texts in the light of recent theoretical interventions.
  • Explore the complexity in Shakespeare’s mind and art.
  • Study the evolution and growth of English poetry, prose and fiction.
  • Get an overview of the processes and texts that led to the evolution of American literature as an independent branch or school of literature.
  • Acquire knowledge of English grammar.
  • Study the contemporary approaches in literary criticism.
  • Study the various modes of narrative fiction attempted across centuries, continents and languages.
  • Get an exposure to Gender issues through the study of Women’s Writing in English.

Master of Philosophy

  • Explore emerging areas of research.
  • Develop the ability to organize ideas and present them coherently.
  • Gain the ability to take up full-time research leading to doctoral degree.
  • Acquire the ability to interact with a peer group in small seminar sessions and get training in closely supervised research.

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DR. LIZIE WILLIAMSM. A. ,M. Phil. , B. Ed. ,Ph. D. SET. ,

Head of the Department & Assistant Professor
St. Xavier’s College, Palayamkottai, Tamil Nadu 627 002.
+91 9444192024