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               Our College has embarked upon the task of setting up MoU with industries/institutions with the following objectives:

  1. To facilitate a holistic approach to learning
  2. To act as a catalyst for the creation of knowledge for society
  3. To narrow down the divide among teaching, research, and practice
  4. To move away from the traditional way to an innovative way in learning
  5. To foster inter-disciplinary research
  6. To exercise autonomy in the real sense
  7. To expose students to experieential learning
  8. To design job oriented/skill or need based syllabi
  9. To invite industrialists and entrepreneurs to inspire and motivate the students

The list of MoU established is given below:

1 B.Com Corp.Sec. Speak Easy English Training, Pvt. Ltd. Palayamkottai
2 B.Com Corp.Sec. CSC Computer Education, Palayamkottai
  B.Com Corp.Sec. Sri Meenakshi Motor Pvt. Ltd, Tirunelveli
4 B.Com Corp.Sec. Susee Group of Concerns, Tirunelveli
5 B.Com Corp.Sec. Fibroflex (India) Pvt. Ltd, Pettai, Tirunelveli
6 B.Com Corp.Sec. HORIZON (Business Partner of IMS) Tirunelveli
7 Mathematics Infant Jesus College of Engineering, Keela Vallanadu
8 Mathematics Splash Solutions, Tirunelveli
9 Computer Science (Shift I) Splash Solutions, Tirunelveli
10 Chemistry Lily Pins Pvt. Ltd., Tirunelveli
11 Physics BSNL, Tirunelveli
12 English Research Dept. of English, Sarah Tucker College, Palayamkottai
13 Economics Junior Chamber International, Tirunelveli
14 MCA Picals Studio
15 Zoology Gugly Centre for Biological Research
16 Commerce Splash Solutions, Tirunelveli
17 Commerce Nova Carbons India Pvt.Ltd.
18 Zoology Rajan Aquafarm

              Apart from MoU with Industries/Institutions we have established 22 foreign collaborations and 71 national collaborations towards interchanging information and knowledge.

St.Xaviers College Botany Research Centre

Zoology Research Centre

Commerce Research Centre

Computer Science Research Centre

Chemistry Research Centre

Physics Research Centre

Mathematics Research Centre

Folklore Research Centre

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